Honor the Time that Transformation Takes

In today's society, there is a pill for everything. Headache? Take a pill. Deep depression? Take a pill. Chronic pain? Take a pill. And most of the time the "problem" goes away for awhile. But why are these symptoms presenting themselves?

I want to start out by saying that I am not here to rant and rave about Western Medicine or say that it is all bad--because it is not. It cures many diseases and can calm things down in the body (extreme anxiety being an example that comes to mind) so that there is more room for healing to occur. That being said, the culture today of instant gratification and overusing medication to numb ourselves is where the problem exists. We have too many options for "quick fixes" for our ailments, and it creates a world in which we never actually have to deal with where the issue is coming from in the first place.

This is where Chinese Medicine can come in. The ancient healing technique uses hair thin needles to stimulate qi (or energy) in the body to facilitate deep self healing and balance. It reminds the body of what it feels like to be truly healthy, unearthing the roots of disease to allow for more permanent transformation.

Sounds great, right? When people hear about what I do, they are often fascinated and excited by the idea of a different take on health and wellness. Then, their next question is, "so how many times do I need to come in until you fix me? Once? Twice?" This question is a natural one, as we are programmed to want a prescription and specific outline from a medical professional--and, because we want to know when we will be out of pain!

Sometimes the ailment is something relatively simple and change is seen quickly. But what if what is ailing us is something that has roots deep into our childhoods, linked to twisty turns of emotions and programming patterns that we have been living every day of our lives? I wish I could say that I possessed the magic to cure all the pain from a person's entire life in one one hour session, but unfortunately I am just a mere mortal practitioner :) . I can, however, spend many hours over the course of a series of treatments working through said patterns with dialogue and needles to help the people on my table heal themselves and become more empowered, self aware individuals--which usually does end up feeling a little magical. And that magic takes time.

Transformation is not just about making a symptom go away. It is about going deep and getting to the root of the problem. It is about facing that root head on, and being gentle and kind with ourselves when it takes time to make its way out of our bodies. It is about continuing the healing outside of the treatment room in bettering self-care practices. It is about showing up for ourselves each day, doing the work, and honoring each little step that we take towards better health and balance. It is about taking ownership of our own outcomes in life and working in partnership with our practitioners, letting go of the expectation for them to just "fix" everything. And it is about continuing to come back to a place of patience when things take a little longer than you want them to. Choosing to not numb life away is a brave step in itself, and I will always acknowledge my patients deeply for that.

We do not judge or rush a caterpillar for taking its time to become a butterfly; it is just moving through its natural transformational process. So why not give ourselves the same kindness and understanding? I invite you today to step into the unknown--to stay with the question, knowing that if you are willing to be an active participant in your own healing and transformation, it will happen.

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