great expectations

We all have grand, magical plans for our lives (or something of the sort). We want successful careers, beautiful homes, partnership, children, financial freedom, things of this nature. And eventually, we get to a place in life where many of those things seem completely within our grasp--just a few steps away from the dream. We have these great expectations of what our life is going to be.

And then we change.

It's slow at first, almost imperceivable. We start making different kinds of choices, focusing our day in and day out on things that weren't at the forefront before. They say that every small step forward that we take changes our life drastically by the end of the year, and this statement is one of the truest I have heard. Because after a cycle around the sun, the hundreds of steps taken in a new direction leaves an awfully big hole.

Perhaps that is the hardest part about it--the change. Change is inevitable in all areas of life, and when we feel as though it's pulling us away from the dream we've had for so long it can be heart wrenching, even though we see how it will help us to evolve. We cling to the dream, to the familiar, to the comfortable, try as we might to better the here and now so that we can evolve within this paradigm instead of changing completely--only to have the universe come knocking time and again, reminding us of where we belong.

Eventually, however, as the cosmos may plan, our path come to a crossroads, where everything becomes incredibly clear. Everything we've been downplaying, avoiding, or trying to positively spin floods into our consciousness with sharp succinctness. The clarity we've been longingly afraid of is staring up at us from the neatly typed page, a list of instructions as to what to do next. It is time to leap, to face the loss of everything we've created and open up the door to something new.

It's never easy, making change. It's never easy, breaking our manuals for living and our great expectations for our lives. It's full of uncertainty, grief, joy, respect, loss, wisdom, unknown, clarity, sadness, and peace. It's one of the hardest things we do as humans, and one of the greatest things we do.

All we are guaranteed is today, right now. To begin again and discover what other dreams and possibilities are waiting for us in the moments to come.


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