Crystals You Need in Your Life this Spring

For many of us, walking into a crystal shop can be overwhelming at first--with hundreds of beautiful shiny things of all shapes, sizes, and colors lining the tables and shelves, where do we even begin? They are each unique and have varying energetic vibrations and healing properties, and knowing what you're looking for when you go shopping can be incredibly helpful.

This spring of 2019 is a time of growth, change, possibility, and major energetic shifts. It is a time where clarity, grounding, inspiration, and calm can serve us greatly. Here are some crystals that, if they're not already, should definitely be in your collection to help promote balance and harmony this season.


Activating the Crown Chakra, amethyst works to clear negative vibrations from any space. This enhances calm, tranquility, and confidence for whomever carries it, helping us to stay balanced and connected in the midst of a windy and turbulent rebirth season. It also promotes restful sleep and strengthens the metabolism!


Activating the Heart Chakra, aventurine promotes mental clarity and attracts abundance and good luck. It also calms feelings of anger and irritation, which is incredibly applicable for spring (as in Chinese Medicine, the emotion associated with spring is anger). On a physical level, aventurine has anti-inflammatory properties and helps ease allergies, sinus pressure, lung irritation, and other common springtime maladies.


Citrine is a powerful stone that promotes abundance, warmth, optimism, and clarity. It is often useful in manifestation practices, and aids in the growth of financial prosperity. Activating the sacral chakra, it invokes our sensuality and grounding as we move into the warmer months of connection and growth.

Red Jasper

Resonating with the lower chakras, red jasper is incredibly grounding and connects us to the earth in a deep way. It supports a healthy liver (one of the organ systems associated with spring in Chinese Medicine), and increases natural energy which helps us understand the spring energy and how it resonates in our physical bodies.


Lepidolite is known as the Stone of Transition, which makes it a perfect stone for spring--the season of transition from yin winter to yang summer. It helps us to release unhealthy thought patterns that do not serve to make room for new possibility, much like spring shakes off the dust of winter to provide space for rebirth and new creative processes. Activating the upper chakras, it also helps to boost the immune system and protect against pathogens and electromagnetic pollution.

Carry these crystals in your pocket or bra or place them in your home, either way there will be plenty of amazing energetic potency for you to enjoy!

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