mind-body transformational coaching

Hello, friend. If you have clicked on this page it is safe to assume that you are interested in coaching or at least learning more about what it has to offer. I am here to tell you that it can offer SO MUCH! 

there are three main offerings for you here...

1. the grounded goddess total transformation program 

- 12 week/90 day program

- doubles your confidence and intuition so that you can feel more grounded and connected in every aspect of your life!

- reconnects you to your: confidence, intuition, spirituality, body love, health practices, and life's purpose

2. transform your trauma 

- 6 week mini program

- 3 Main Pillars: 

1. recognize & break down old patterns of behavior and thought loops

2. reground and align using an arsenal of practices, mantras, and coaching

3. exploration & self discovery in order to help you thrive no matter what is going on in life! 


3. community coaching

- a monthly subscription program where I coach you in a virtual group setting on just about anything!

- the MAIN PERK: we're all doing this life together, and oftentimes are dealing with similar challenges! So no need to suffer alone--in this group setting you can observe others being coached on challenges you're facing yourself, gaining insights you might not have discovered on your own!

in both of these programs we will dig deep. 

we will be uncovering old ways of being and letting go of those things that no longer serve while also celebrating all the pieces of you that make you who you are! 

the first thing you must know is that there is nothing about you that is broken or needs to be fixed--we are simply working together to help remind you of who you are in your purest, most joyful form. this is something that we are quick to forget as we age, and this is precisely why we should all be coached on a regular basis!

you may not believe in your full worthiness and wholeness right now, and that's ok! the important thing is that you give yourself the gift of self exploration and time and see what could be possible.


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